About us

Mastone was commenced since April, 2009. Throughout the last few years we set up production bases in Tianjin, Hebei and Guangzhou. We also have sales office and wholly owned subsidiaries in Tianjin, Guangzhou, Foshan, Indonesia and Bangladesh.
We have been focusing on producing and marketing sulphur dyes. Our product line mainly covers sulphur black powder, sulphur colors powder, eco-friendly liquid sulphur black, eco-friendly liquid sulphur color and related dyeing auxiliaries.
OUR GOAL: to produce more eco-friendly products and ensure cost saving to our customers.


A team of twenty professionals is responsible for our R&D and quality control. They have been dedicating their full efforts in the research of application and new products development of sulphur dyes for Knitted Fabric Dyeing, Denim Yarn Slasher/Rope Dyeing, Woven Fabrics Dyeing, Garment Dyeing and Paper Dyeing. With our continuous efforts, we are confident we will become the most renowned sulphur dyes supplier and service provider in the world.
We feel grateful for the support from all our customers and friends while we are eager to form alliance with YOU!